chewbacca sings on American Idol

Model falling over - News readers laughing

Mr. Bean goes to the swimmingpool

Funny Compilation

Most painfully tackle ever!

This is a video that will make every male reader cover his balls, cause this really gotta hurt!

Worst Slide Tackle Nutshot Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

Pictures that will make you laugh

Compliation of Reporters Getting Owned

Watch this nice compliation of reporters getting owned! Some of them are really funny, and i don´t think you can hold back your laughter ;) Some of the clips are though a bit harsh so i will give a little warning.

Compilation of Reporters Getting Owned - Watch more Funny Videos

Reporter gets kissed by homeless dude

This is why i love live-tv. Anything can happen xD Watch this reporter getting kissed by a random dude and try not to laugh ;)

Reporter Gets Kissed By Homeless Dude - Watch more Funny Videos

Heineken commercial

This is good! this is really good! Watch this funny heineken commercial and try not to laugh :P

Jennifer Aniston in a funny beer commercial

This is a quite old classic in the always funny beer commercials. It is still a laugh worth though :) Sad that you will lose if you do ;)